OEM Service
Technical Assistance

We welcome OEM/ODM order for our temperature data loggers! And we provide the hardware, software, programming and delicate appearance of the temperature data logger.

If you have small orders, the medium-sized package would be an ideal solution;

While If you are a big company, and want to build a full identification system, our USB temperature data logger that generates PDF format files can provide you a full support from the inside PDF design with your website and logo;

If you are a seller in the professional field, and want to re-program the data logger by yourself, we shall provide you a special programming software to set the logger, accumulative alarm and at most 8 different types of alarm into the same logger (and only if the logger has not been started yet).

We also can provide you with different alarm types of the temperature logger, there are mainly two alarm types:

A.Single event:Alarm triggers if the actual temperature is out of the setting range.

B.Time- cumulative: Alarm triggers if the actual temperature is out of the ideal range of the total time specified

Up to now, we could provide three language versions, including Chinese, English and Russia. And we are pleased to develop the French and Spanish versions if the customer want to develop, and our goal is to provide 5 main language versions.