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Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger Recorder

Name: Fresh BlueTag

Fresh BlueTag Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger Recorder can log the temperature and generate PDF report along the entire cold chain transportation;
Bluetooth Connection through APP, scan code can read the temperature data of the products in the box without unpacking;
Cost-effective and reliable;
Download data and date from cloud online;
Auto generating PDF report no additional software required;
Small, light and flat design;
IP67 waterproof.


Fresh BlueTag 10 Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger Recorder can read the temperature logging info without opening the package, both consignor and consignee could view the logging info in details from Cloud.

Fresh BlueTag 10 Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger Recorder is scanned QR code via mobile App for initial configuration. After configuration, the device will be placed in the cargo box, and the QR code can be posted on the outer side of the goods. When the goods arrive at the destination, the customer can scan the QR code on the box to connect the device and read the temperature data during transportation.



Low consumption, long standby time Shelf life 18 months

Large data storage 500000 readings

High accuracy ±0.5℃

Wireless transmission Bluetooth

Consignor and consignee can check data report of the goods from APP Android APP

Technology Index

Model No.Blue Tag T10Start Delay0 minute ~ 72hours
Shelf life1 yearShelf LifeMax.99 minutes
Working time1 yearAPP languageEnglish,Chinese
Battery3.0V CR2032 lihium batteryAPP operating system:Android
Memory capacityMax.65000 readingsWireless connectionBluetooth
Temperature range-30℃~ +70℃StandardCE, RoHS, EN12830
Accuracy±0.5℃Protection degreeIP6
Resolution0.1℃Size48mm * 31mm * 5mm
Report formatPDF & CSVWeight7.8g
Temperature unit℃,Installation3M adhesive tape


  1. Fresh BlueTag 10Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger Recorder is important to cold chain transportation for perishable product, especially the food product. Non-breaking cold chain could guarantee food product to maintain high quality and optimum shelf life.
  2. For the meat and fish products, also called frozen food, it is very important to keep the growth of microbes as low as possible by maintaining temperature threshold values.
  3. For fruits and vegetables, the most important thing is to prevent them ripening too early. Fruits, vegetables and flowers are highly perishable commodities that require proper environmental monitoring in post-harvest processing to maximize freshness, quality and shelf life from the field to the table.
  4. The environmental condition of temperature-sensitive products must be carefully monitored and documented during handling and storage, to ensure food safety, quality and a longer shelf life, especially for highly perishable products such as produce, dairy, seafood, meat, poultry and floral product.
  5. Fresh BlueTag 10 Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger Recorder is a necessary evidence for the produce owner and the cold chain carrier if the cold chain performance objection is required.
  6. Freshliance provide all kinds of temperature data logging or temperature and humidity data logging solutions to make sure every change in whole cold chain solution will be traced and recorded irreversible, PDF Logging, CSV temperature history, online IOT logging in any format are available.

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