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Technical Assistance

Q: How do we confirm the proper temperature range for the goods transported by the cold chain?

A: You can download the relevant documents from the website of, including the appropriate temperature and humidity range and storage period of the cold chain transportation of different goods we have summarized.

Q: Is your product waterproof?

A: Different electronic products have been treated with different levels of waterproofing according to the use of difference environments, to prevent the equipment from getting wet, thus affecting normal use.

Q: Which products do you pass the certification?

A:According to the different requirements in the market, the products related to the environment have passed the relevant GSM and GMP certifications, such as CE, IP51 and EN.

Q: How to choose your company’s products?

A:Freshliance provides you with quality pre-sales service, and we will recommend the most suitable products based on your actual needs (the type of goods, transportation environment and distance, storage environment, etc).

Q: What should I do if I have problems with your company’s products?

A:You can call the after-sales service of Freshliance at any time. We guarantee 7*24 hours online to solve your problems as quickly as possible, and we will provide the on-site teaching and technical guidance if necessary.

Q: Do you provide OEM services?

A:Freshliance provides you with high-quality OEM/ODM services and dedicated online platform services, and we will provide strategic cooperation, product OEM, customized products and other services based on customer needs.