People’s daily life is closely related to the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment.
As people’s requirements for material levels are increasing, the requirements for temperature and humidity in all walks of life are getting higher and higher.
Temperature and humidity recorders can measure temperature, humidity, pressure, and gas concentration.
Real-time monitoring of various parameters, including signal acquisition, display, storage, and analysis, and meets various needs of industry customers for wireless transmission, Internet of Things monitoring, and system secondary development.
Powerful functions make it widely used in many fields, let’s take a look at the application of temperature and humidity recorder!

Laboratory field

In the fields of medicine, biochemistry, instrument calibration, agriculture, construction and electrical appliances, laboratory environmental conditions directly affect the results of various experiments or tests. The conduct of each experiment requires accurate and reliable monitoring instruments to provide accurate environmental parameters. data. Traceable temperature and humidity data is the basic requirement for laboratory environment such as certification. The temperature and humidity data logger can provide objective and original records that cannot be tampered with.

Agricultural research

Temperature and humidity have a vital impact on the growth of crops.
Most of the research in the agricultural field requires environmental temperature and humidity data during crop growth as a basis.
As a high-performance and stable digital instrument, the temperature and humidity recorder can provide a visual temperature and humidity monitoring and analysis platform for agricultural scientific research, and contribute to the precise control of temperature and humidity for scientific researchers and the recording of crop growth.

Collection area

Among the various environmental factors that affect the preservation of collections and archives, the most basic and often active factor is the temperature and humidity of the air.
The collection temperature and humidity monitoring system can perform on-site inspection and display of temperature and humidity in the museum, and can view temperature and humidity information in real time through the management center, or store, query and print historical data.
When the temperature and humidity of the monitoring point exceed the standard value, the administrator will receive an alarm message from the system and take effective measures in time to prevent the hidden danger of damage to the collection due to the temperature and humidity environment.

Internet industry

As the fastest growing industry, the Internet is also the industry with the most diverse testing standards.
The computer room and control center are all important instruments and equipment. Their quality directly affects the operation of the company’s important data and servers. Therefore, the monitoring of the temperature and humidity in the environment is very important. Secondly, there are tens of thousands of computers in Internet companies that work for more than 10 hours a day, and CPU heating also has certain safety risks. The temperature and humidity monitoring system monitors the temperature and humidity in the computer room in real time, and alarms when exceeding the standard to ensure normal operation of the enterprise.

Building Materials Industry

In the drying process of building materials, especially concrete, we should pay attention to its drying trend, which is one of the indicators for evaluating products and also provides reliable data for construction parties.
The application of temperature and humidity recorder can provide this data record to the building materials researcher, which will provide useful help for the construction.

Food Industry

Food serves as the material basis for human survival and development.
In the process of production, storage and transportation, it is very important to keep abreast of the environmental conditions of the food in time, because excessive temperature and humidity can directly lead to food deterioration or degraded quality.
In the process of food production, storage and transportation, the temperature and humidity recorder automatically monitors and records temperature, humidity and other data information in real time, effectively preventing various risks that may affect product quality and safety during each link process, and ensuring storage and transportation Process product quality.

Chemical electronics industry

The chemical electronics industry has strict requirements on the environmental temperature and humidity environment in the raw material warehouse, production workshop, finished product warehouse and transportation process.
Humidity is the deadly enemy of the quality of electronic products. Improper temperature and humidity control can cause unstable quality and even produce waste.
The temperature and humidity recorder monitors every link in the electronics industry in real time, provides objective and unchangeable original records, and ensures the quality of electronic products in all links.


More, temperature and humidity recorders have been widely used in countless fields. In addition to the above industries, they have also been used in defense and military, aerospace, textile, HVAC, meteorology, scientific research, biology, environmental protection and other industries.
At the same time, in many industries, temperature and humidity recorders are used in multiple places and different operations.


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