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Freshliance Electronics Co., Ltd, established in 2015, specializes in temperature and humidity data loggers, online tracking and monitoring system in the environmental testing and recording for the cold chain solutions.We serve the cold chain industry in fruits & vegetables, foods processing,seafoods, life and science, pharmaceutical, logistics etc.

We have a young, talented R&D team with creative mind and experienced salespeople. We design and produce uniquely new technological products by focusing on customer needs and demands.Rather than selling all products to every customer, our principle is to present the right product to the right customer based on scientific data.




The necessity of temperature logging in vaccine cold chain transportation.
Biovaccine is very sensitive to temperature.
Biovaccine is a special medical agent, and it have very strict requirement for cold chain temperature insulation.

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We welcome OEM/ODM order. We have a full service team to design the hardware, software, programming and delicate appearance of the temperature data logger.
If you have small orders, the medium-sized package would be an ideal solution.

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Professional R&D team, with 100% positive service team and efficient production line.
Export million pcs temperature loggers in the past 4 years, with good customer feedback.
Prompt delivery, with 5,000 pcs order delivery in two weeks.

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